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After a month here without seeing any of the bears, we became complacent and had begun leaving the feeders up overnight.

Last night the bear or maybe the bears, paid a visit to us, along with several of the other RV owners here.

When we got up this morning, I looked outdoors and noticed that both of the hummingbird feeders were on the ground, along with the large seed feeder. The bird bath was also tipped over, and I suspected a bear had been here. It is possible that it was the deer, but I didn’t know for sure.

Gia, one of our friends here, walked by and told us that one of the bears had been in the campground early this morning.

After our coffee was finished we got busy.

Marilyn cleaned and straightened things inside the RV, started a load of laundry, then fixed baked beans and a fruit/yogurt salad for the cookout later today.

I carried trash to the dumpster, dumped the holding tanks, cleaned the grill, and re-hung the feeders after Marilyn filled them.

I joined Marilyn outdoors, for awhile, but I had just began reading when a message appeared on my screen instructing me to charge my Kindle due to a low battery. Back inside I plugged that device in to charge the battery, then inspected my eyelids for light leaks.

I must have dozed off because I was startled awake by the buzzer on the clothes dryer.

I did what any red blooded American guy would do.

I yelled at Marilyn, that her clothes were dry!

Well, actually I asked her if she wanted more time for the dryer or could I take the clothing out and fold them for her.

She came in and told me that she takes some thing out before they are completely dry and adds more time for other stuff.

It sure was easier when I was in the military. Put stuff in the washer. When they are done, put them in the dryer. When that is done, iron the stuff you wear on the outside and fold the rest.

I guess it isn’t that simple any more.

Riends, John & Lori, arrived at 4:00 and we shared good conversation, some laughter, and a margarita.

I started cooking burgers on the grill, and we had baked beans, chips and salsa, and a super good dessert made of pound cake, strawberries, and a bunch of other good stuff, brought by Lori.

These good things went well with the bacon-cheddar burgers and all the trimmings.

We ate inside the screened room which was good because it began to rain, along with flashes of lightning and great booms of thunder.

We lingered after the meal but the rain picked up in intensity.

Because of the rain, I took John & Lori back to their cabin, then returned to join Marilyn with the TV.

We have some plans for tomorrow. See you then!

Life is Good!

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