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What a breakfast!

I think the hike is over

Really? A trail called Gluteus Maximus? Must be a good workout.

Back to the lodge.

Nice view.

Wednesday Sharon and Cindy came over to ‘the Neighborhood’ in Golden to join us for a day trip to Cindy’s timeshare at the ski hill in Breckenridge. Cindy had a scenic route picked out for us to follow on the way there. She dangled the promise of a great breakfast at a quirky place near Evergreen on our way. It doesn’t take much to motivate us so off we went. The general plan was to take a short hike near Cindy’s lodge and then use the hot tub afterward.

The Country Café proved to be a score. The unimaginably varied menu was a real surprise. The portions were most generous and we all waddled out of the restaurant and back to the Rocketeer. Once back in the truck, we continued our climb up into the Rockies. The elevation at breakfast was 6800 ft. Colorado 74 follows verdant canyons as it climbs up to Evergreen and then beyond to meet up with I-70 Westbound. Evergreen was larger than we were expecting, especially considering its altitude (over 7000 ft) and remoteness. We passed through Evergreen and met up with I-70. We continued our climb once on the interstate, passing through the Eisenhower Tunnel at over 11,000 ft. After a 2000 ft. descent we turned off the highway in Dillon and proceeded to the ‘quaint’ ski resort of Breckenridge. The altitude in town is 9600 ft. But up at Cindy’s resort at the bottom of the ski lifts “Emily”, the GPS, was recording 9,993 in the parking lot. Egad!

Cindy led us up one of the many trails the resort has for its summertime guests to hike. The key word here is ‘summertime’. It ain,t summer at over 10,000 ft. yet! The trail became muddy and after 100 yards, it was buried under several feet of snow. We retreated to the lodge where we toured the facilities. Opulent and luxurious are the words that come to mind when trying to describe the five story wood buildings. The whole scene is topped off by the location at the bottom of the ski hill. One can walk out the door and hop on a gondola taking you to 12,000 ft. of above tree line open terrain. I got ski fever from the view.

We retreated down the hill to a nice outside bar and had some drinks and watched the changing skies over the mountains.

We left for the lowlands in a light rain. At this altitude I was ready for the drizzle to turn to snow, but in reality it was over 60 degrees. We got off the interstate just before the main Golden off ramp and took the scenic road into town through Clear Creek Canyon. What a beautiful spot and it is only four miles from base.

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