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Happy Birthday Captain!

An old mortuary is a great place for happy hour on your...

Do we go inside?

Walking back to the light rail. So beautiful after the storm!

Taking the hike and we haven't even reached the steps yet.

What a venue!

Wednesday I dropped Nancy off at Sharon’s for a ‘girl’s day’. I returned to base and started a crockpot meal of tri tip strips, onions, taters, etc. We got together at Jack and Sharon’s for dinner and an early fresh baked birthday cake. Nancy prepared my favorite German chocolate upside down cake. Our stay in Golden is certainly more of a social whirl than the last time we were here.

Thursday was my birthday. For the grand event we hopped the train with Sharon and again met Jack downtown for happy hour. This time we visited a lively street scene on the other side of the South Platte River. We had to cross three soaring white sculptured pedestrian bridges to get to the converted mortuary now known as Linger. Visit the website for the whole story. We started out on the semi-covered rooftop with some drinks while we waited for Jack to show up. The view back over the river towards the Denver skyline with the cumulus nimbus building into the afternoon’s super cells was extraordinary. Nancy, Sharon, and I were the second group let into the restaurant when the doors opened. We got great seats on the rooftop. Just as Jack arrived outside in the parking area the skies opened up with a hail and rain cloud burst. We had an umbrella along because we have become used to working our social life around afternoon thunderstorms. But we were overwhelmed by the deluge and retreated to a lower bar. Thirty minutes later the sun was out. The staff never missed a beat during the weather event. When the storm left, they opened all the large folding windows and it was like being outdoors again. Food was great and so were the drinks. After happy hour Jack and Sharon left for home and Nancy and I had a nice walk back to the train station. Forty minutes later we were back in ‘the Neighborhood’.

Friday Nancy and I attempted a ride along Clear Creek in downtown Golden. Due to the high runoff, several parts of the trail were under rapids so we lost the trail somewhere near the Coors Brewery and turned back. It was a good move being as the clouds were already moving in and we could see lightening off in the distance. Later in the day we met Jack and Sharon and their friends from their PA days downtown in Golden for, guess what? Happy hour of course! We had some great wine and more gourmet munchies. Outside the streets had been blocked off for Golden’s First Friday. A great band was playing free music and food and drink were available for the crowds.

After all this fun, we loaded up and drove 10 miles to a world famous music venue known as Red Rocks. This place must be on every musician’s bucket list to play. It is incredible. So are the 10,000 #@%@*ing steps to get up into the place. Even the locals are sucking air. Check this place out online. We were treated to a great performance by the John Butler Trio. The sellout crowd of 9000 fans really enjoyed themselves. Twenty minutes after the concert, Jack dropped us off back at base.

Today the six of us are getting together at Jack and Sharon’s to have happy hour and snacks. And drink wine, of course. Nancy and I are making some guac and coconut shrimp. We can’t wait to see what the other two couples will be making. We will more than likely be having a rematch in Sequence. The girls won last time.

See what I mean? It is hard to keep up with the fun around these parts. We will be leaving for the wilderness in Montana in three days. We need the rest.

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