Aventura travels 2014 travel blog

5.30 am leaving Belle Ile en mer

You can't see the stubble in this one

Our mode of transport on Belle Ile en Mer , just like...

Bathing beauty on Bell Ile en Mer

Still smiling despite the rain.

The view from our boat up the river

The local map!

Geoff in his dinghey

Bonjour mes amis .

We hope you are all ok.we have enjoyed a few days up the blissfully quiet river Vilaine and will head back to the Arzal lock today and then onto Piriac which gets a good write up in the book. I hope it won't be too busy to get into the marina being a Sunday.

The last couple of nights we have been back on 2 buoys so no power or water supply. We are both looking a bit worse for wear so no close ups until we have a make-over. Geoff needs another hair cut so I may be let loose with hiss trimmer again to keep his good looks maintained. I won't say too much about the maintenance I need at this point.

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