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We wore sweatshirts and jeans, for a bit of warmth, when we went outdoors to share our morning coffee. The outdoor temperature was only 58 degrees and our second cup of coffee was sipped from the comfort of the inside of our RV.

We did the normal chores before heading off to Canon City to pick up some supplies for a cookout we are having on Monday.

We decided on Canon City even though the Springs was closer, because we also wanted to check on the wildfire not too far away from our campground.

We were happy to see that the fire was nearly out. Wisps of smoke still curled up in several areas of the mountain and we could see areas of the mountain were orange in color due to the fire suppressant dropped by helicopters yesterday.

We stopped in Penrose, at Michelle’s for breakfast, which is our favorite meal to eat out. After a delicious meal we turned west on Hwy 50 and continued our drive to Canon City.

We did our shopping and hurried back to the campground, to take advantage of the awesome weather we were experiencing again today.

I joined Marilyn in the screened room where we spent most of the afternoon, reading from our Kindles, and sometimes taking short catnaps.

Later we watched a little TV while trying to decide on attending the Ice Cream Social.

I’ll probably walk down for some ice cream for a friend, because I know my friend, Jesse, would expect to have a crock full if he were here.

Marilyn offered to pop some corn and I agreed, knowing that Jesse likes the popcorn too.

Tonight we’ll just watch some TV and continue the relaxation mode.

Life is Good!

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