Our 2014 Trip Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu travel blog

leaving Gyantse



old ruin on hill

wash day





lady farm workers

empty hot house

hot houses

brick making



the most brightly painted house

and ornate front door

an arhway into Shegar

a rest break in the shade

leaving Shegar

more lupins

very dry land

wind powered prayer wheels

Dairy farm enterprise

Dairy farm

New seedlings planted by the road

New machinery

cuppa anyone?

spinning wheel


a dusty job

waiting for lunch in the shade



camping on a farm

the locals


shifting the stock


3 June Day 5 to Shigatse 94k ride time 3hr 40 Now completed 361 ks.

Downhill and tail wind all the way. Rode as a group to cut the wind and averaged 28 kph. Great fun. After lunch we spread out and there was opportunity to take in the scenery and stop for photos. We have dropped in altitude and the valleys are grassed and cropped. Lots of blue lupins. Shigatse is Tibet’s 2nd biggest city. Only Jan had the energy to go on the monastery tour when we arrived, rest of us pretty tired and have got to the point we don’t really need to see another monastery. Pete went with others to the bike shop, couldn’t fix his crank bearings, didn’t have the tools. He made the decision to buy a Giant bike, AT 777, $400 NZ which will travel on the truck til his old one breaks down. He can sell it in Kathmandu back to Giant or he might ship it home. Our bikes otherwise are managing well, no flats for us….yet… Ate at an Asian restaurant, at least had other choice other than curry. Pete and Nickie were lucky to have an executive suite, 2 bathrooms, spa bath , lounge, But the king size bed was so hard that we slept on top of the duvet. Late to bed, cos internet connection very very slow in sending blog.

4 June Day 6 to camp. Altitude 4080 98ks over 2 passes, ride time 5hr 15. Big day. Left Hotel approx. 8.30am. Hotel staff presented white scarfs ( katas) to us. 200m climb over 20ks on first pass. See photo of new Dairy farm, approx. 1000 cows. At small town just before lunch stop Nickie stopped to watch a lady spinning. Arrived for lunch at about 54k, in 2 ½ hrs. The wind came up just as expected and 8 of us rode in formation for about 35ks to get over 2nd pass. Very hot and dry air. About 5ks before camp the bunch broke down , there are some in the group who don’t want to be the last ones in. We don’t care about that, we know how fortunate we are to be here and want to make the most of the experience.

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