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Where are all the fish?

The view this evening

It probably won't look like this tomorrow

It was one of Geoffs aims to get to La Roche-Bernard after reading about it in the Yaghting Monthly mag. He wasn't disappointed even though there was no beach. It was really pretty and well worth the hassle of getting through a very busy lock at Arzal to access the River Vilaine.

We saw all sorts of dodgy boat handling going on in the lock and were just glad we have filled the boat with extra fenders so that we could avoid a collision. One couple almost ended up with the wife dangling from her boat hook as she got it caught in the long chain that you are supposed to put your boat rope around and her husband hadn't noticed so didn't stop the boat. Then he reversed madly and bumped the back of his boat against the lock wall and one of their cushions fell in the water. They drew quite a crowd !

Today we decided to go further up river because the wind had settled and rain is expected tomorrow so it may be poor visibility. Foleux is equally as pretty and really quiet. I have cooked a curry tonight and we have sat and watched the sunset from the boat. We know Murray is playing tonight but we can't get the telly to work and it's not on the French radio.

We hope you are all ok and that you are all enjoying some good weather . We will be throwing our dice tomorrow that Phil and Jeanette gave us because we are undecided about what to do on our first rainy day in weeks.

There is a nice chateaux we could cycle to or I have a nice bottle or two of Muscadet Sur Lie which may do the trick!

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