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Sitting outdoors early this morning, we had finished our coffee and were talking about maybe we should go inside and get our chores done, so we could go into town.

Just as we were about to get up from our chairs I noticed a large pair of antlers rise up above the rocks marking the edge of our Site here.

A deer appeared, then another, then another, then another, then another, and then one more. Six large Bucks proceeded to walk, single file, through our Campsite.

We sat quietly until they were out of sight. Marilyn remarked that, naturally, she didn’t have her camera.

Earlier in the morning we had seen two Does on the road below our Site. They appeared to be nibbling on someone’s flowers.

It was about 30 minutes later when we left the RV and headed into town to exchange several shirts I had purchased yesterday.

We enjoyed the ride into town so much. The weather was awesome and Pike’s Peak was as clear as a bell, standing out above Cheyenne Mountain. Just a beautiful sight!

It took very little time to get the shirts exchanged and then we were off to the “King Sooper” grocery store, to pick up a few items needed around the house.

Ken & Jean will be in this area in a couple of days, John & Lori will arrive next Monday, and other friends will be here before long, so our quiet time will soon become more rare.

Everyone needs some down time and we have absolutely loved having time to ourselves.

I’ll admit that it doesn’t make for an interesting blog, but we have both commented on how much we have enjoyed “having no agenda”.

The clear blue sky we were bragging about this morning, slowly turned to a dark, brooding sky, with thunder and the threat of rain this afternoon. It did rain a little bit but that is normal here in the mountains.

I watched the Cardinals vs. Rockies baseball game while Marilyn did her cross-stitch thing .

It was a fine, relaxing afternoon.

Life is Good!

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