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This morning we were presented with another issue. Low water pressure! Extremely low water pressure!

I walked down to talk with David, the owner here, and he instructed an employee to turn the water pumps back on.

He said they have a plumbing issue.

Later I spoke to Keith, who handles the Wi-Fi issues here, asking him why the internet is so poor here. He says that there are just too many people using the Wi-Fi.

Marilyn & I went for a walk of a mile and a half, noticing on the way back, that the campground is about half full right now.

That makes me question the comment about too many people using the Wi-Fi system.

When you add these issues to the fact that there is no Cell Phone service here, you have a legitimate right to ask why do we stay here.

Well, the water pressure is ok most of the time, the Wi-Fi works, albeit quite slow some of the time, the Sites are huge, with lots of room and privacy, we are located in a beautiful area of the mountains, far enough away from any highway or heavily populated area to enjoy peace and quiet. (The barking dogs are not normally a problem, as David does try to prevent this from becoming an issue)

Also I should mention that people who stay in the front of the campground, next to the blacktop road, do have to tolerate the noise of rock hauling trucks which use that road on Monday through Friday.

Marilyn & I do enjoy being here. There is no perfect place to stay anywhere in the country, but this is one of the finest we have seen.

The owner and staff here are very nice people and will do anything within their power to help you out if you have an issue.

So, while I try to be fair and honest, I do try to give you the good and the bad, I will end this little summary with a suggestion that you try Mountaindale Cabins and RV Resort if you are coming to Colorado for a vacation or staying in this area in an RV for any reason.

I think you will be very pleased with your choice.

We have planned to have lunch with friends tomorrow, and I will write about that after we enjoy our time with Jim & Ellie.

Life is Good!

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