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I built a nice Campfire this morning, and Marilyn brought the coffee out.

We sat beside the campfire enjoying the early morning peace and quiet, listening to the birds singing, and talking quietly about the awesome weather.

It was about 20 minutes after 6:00 and we had no idea that our reverie was about to end.

A large dog began barking loudly and barked continuously for the next 30 minutes. No one seemed interested in doing anything about it and I had to wonder, If I started the motor of our diesel truck and allowed it to run for 30 minutes in the early morning, while honking the horn two or three times per second for that same amount of time, do you suppose anyone would notice. I have been tempted to test that theory.

It is a shame that a few dog owners give the rest such a bad reputation in Campgrounds.

We were happy when the barking stopped but not long after that, a little yapping dog in the motor home below us began barking, yelping and whining. I looked out to see what was the matter, and noticed that the dog was on top of some piece of furniture with his face against the screen of an open window. He barked continuously for some time, and I noticed that his owners were gone.

They returned with lots of groceries later, and the barking stopped.

Give me a break!

We have lots of friends who have dogs and have no problems with them. We enjoy getting our “Puppy Fix” with these pets and are happy to have them around.

We did enjoy the day for awhile. Deer wandered by and Marilyn took some nice pictures.

We did our chores and went for a walk in the warmth of the day.

Both of us took showers and put on some clean, comfortable clothing.

I fixed a nice kettle of beef, vegetable soup for our dinner and Marilyn read her book from the comfort of the screened room.

A thunderstorm raced by with wind and rain, but was gone as quickly as it appeared.

The remainder of our day passed by peacefully and we look forward to tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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