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After we arrived at Neskowin Creek, we attempted to extend our stay through the weekend, but to no avail, they are already overbooked. So Friday morning we made a short drive over to Keizer, a suburb of Salem, to stay at the beautiful Elks Lodge for 2 nights. A very nice 42 space park with full hook-ups. Our repairs will begin in Eugene on Monday morning, so we plan to arrive at the dealership Sunday to get set up and be ready for an early start on Monday at 7:30 AM.

Some of you may recall that one of the things I like to do in looking for good Mexican restaurants, is to try to find the best chili relleno. Well today if I didn't find the best relleno I've ever had, it was second best. 40 years ago while working in downtown San Francisco, Bev and I had a favorite Mexican lunch place right across the street from where our offices were located. Now 40 years is a long time, but I have always felt the rellenos there were the best I have ever enjoyed. As we travel across the country, I therefore find myself looking for a good comparison and today I found it. La Fondita at 3330 Center St. NE in Salem. As with most good and authentic Mexican eateries, they usually have to be small and run by Mexican families in order to have the flavors we are constantly in search of. The chains can never duplicate that.

The rellenos at La Fondita are made the traditional way, in a light fluffy egg white batter and quickly deep fried. Many places make an omelet with a green chili and call that a relleno. Those are always a disappointment. Bev had a bean burrito that she also raved about. I sampled her burrito and have to agree it was exceptional. We will do our best to support this little family eatery anytime we're along I-5 between Eugene and Portland. I'm telling you right here, it is well worth the drive to sample the menu at La Fondita. You won't be disappointed.

This afternoon I decided to wash the motorhome. Most regular RV parks don't allow you to wash your RV in their parks, but usually that is a non issue in Elks parks. Not so here. Maybe because they have such a large RV park, they have to have more rules. Anyway, as I was well along with my cleaning duties, the hostess came over to let me know this was not acceptable. Well I immediately agreed to cease and desist and said so in those exact words. Hopefully I can complete the task this next week while our coach is in the shop. Since we will have the use of our motorhome in the evenings, that may work out, or it may not.

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