A 4 nite stay at Grand Sierra Resort, GSR...

It is a beautiful hotel, casino resort

The RV spaces are spacious.

RV'ers check in here

The lake is also a golf driving range. Get the golf ball...

You wack the balls and try to win a prize.

Such as these!

Dave empties the basement for "clean up N straighten up"

He does this at least twice per year, though.

While everything is out he reapplied the peppermint oil for mouse control.

Cowboys are in town, this is their "RV"

Luxury apartment up front, luxury horse stable in the back.

Dave did storage and maintenance on the two Honda 2000i generators

one basal cell operation down, one to go

looks worse than it feels, hurt only the first night and next...

We usually make the drive between Eugene and Reno a two day drive, but this time we just wanted to get here and have time to relax before Dave has his "basal cell" carcinoma surgery. We both have a few housekeeping items to do.

The 440 mile drive was great and uneventful, but it did involve two driver switches. Dave started us out by driving up the mountain hwy 58 and then south to Klamath Falls where Rebecca took over. Dave took over for the last 90 miles, bringing us through drive time traffic and into the casino. A little over 9 hours, including a 30 minute lunch and two road work stops of a few minutes each.

We come to Reno this week not knowing it is rodeo week. The Reno rodeo is billed as the "wildest and richest rodeo". If you like watching the PBR and such on tv, we suggests you come to Reno. Here you get all the categories of rodeo action, such as barrel racing, calf roping, as well as the bulls and broncs! Best of all the tickets are inexpensive compared to Las Vegas and the staying cheaper with about 5 good RV parks in town.

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