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We headed down the mountain then through some very rugged country. Mountains going to 4,500 feet then down into very flat valleys. The valleys were rich agricultural land with cereal crops and some orchards - pomegranates and peaches mostly. Then up and down and finally through a park near the coast.

As we went down the mountain to Antylya we stopped at an ovelook. on one side was a twenty foot high sculpture of Anaturk's head. On the other the city and the Mediterranean stretching off into the distance. The city stretched all along with huge hotels at both ends. An amazing sight.

Then down into the city to our hotel - The Porto Bello Hotel. Actually a resort so we were fitted with wrist bands that allow us dinner and breakfast. Then up to our room. Where we usually had two single beds this room had two rooms with three beds - a view of the ocean and a view of the mountains - and two refrigerators. Suite!

Down to dinner and there were over 40 choices of appetizers, about 20 different main course items, and over 50 desserts (including fruit). Way too much food. But we ate what we could.

Back to the room and laundry in the tub. Tomorrow we have a late start - 8:00 AM off to the last of the Roman ruins we'll see.

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