Ginny's Adventures 2014 travel blog

there may be 4 birds in this little nest!

the last robin to leave the nest area

I counted 15 ducklings!!

Right under the front porch of the Zane Grey Museum, a robin decided to build a nest and raise a family. I was busy cutting down trees and taking out vines and weeds growing in amongst the bushes nearby when I decided to try to find out where all the cheeping was coming from. As I got near, the babies knew to be very quiet and still, but I found them anyway!

The next morning, I went to visit them, and the nest was empty! One of the babies was perched on the lattice, so I got to get a picture of it before it left for good.

Later that same day, I was out and about and stopped at the Masthope park and access so that I would know where to go if the canoe rovers put off at that location again in the future. Look what I saw along the shore! I count 15 babies!!!

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