We did a bit of exploring in the area today, there are...

Vickie & Sammy at Rocky Mountain National Park..

Our next stop was the awesome Grand Lake Lodge...

Grandpa & Sammy with a cool old fire truck..

View of Grand Lake and the pool from the lodge..

Grandpa & Sammy enjoying the huge porch..

Incredible view from the porch..


One more..:-)

We had lunch with a view at the lodge..

We had the awesome Rainbow Trout...


The huge fireplace in the lobby...


Sam swinging, not the best picture but you get the idea...:-)

After lunch, we drove through the park and saw these big boys..:-)


One more..:-)

Back at the campground...

Last one!

We had an amazing day with Vickie and Sammy today. We did a bit of exploring in Rocky Mountain National Park before visiting the awesome Grand Lake Lodge for lunch. We are all really impressed with this incredible lodge. It is right at the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park. They have awesome views of Grand Lake below. They have a lot of weddings in this area, I can certainly see why, it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Sammy enjoyed taking pictures with the old red fire truck before going up to the lodge and swinging in the huge swing on the porch. Once inside, they have a huge fireplace in the lobby with more swings to swing in while warming up by the fire. We also had a superb lunch in their restaurant, the Rainbow Trout was some of the best we have ever eaten and the incredible views made it even more spectacular.

We also got the information about horse back riding in the park, Vickie and Sammy are planning a two hour ride that should be wonderful. It was a great day in the park, check back later for more.

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