street sign to Likely Place

The past seven weeks passed bye way too fast for all we did and accomplished it was a blur of activity. But the time has come to move on UP the road. The 195 mile drive to Likely Place Golf and RV was terrific. We worked here the summer of 2011. It's good to be back, but we have a purpose. Dave needs to tend the Geo Cache golf we installed here. He has to go to every location, there are 19 of them, inspect it for location, rocks need painting. After that was finished, we golfed on the big course and had fun.

If any of you are coming through NE California, stop in at Likely Place, there are 55 spaces, play a round of golf, hike the nature trail and get out the GPS for a nice stroll solving the geo-cache golf course. It's a fun place, but be prepared to be surprised and you might want to stay a week or more. They even have "stay-n-play" packages. for more info go to www.likelyplace.com

When three nights had gone it was time to move on again. This time to Eugene, Oregon to visit family and friends for 12 days.

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