The whole family at Pyramid Lake

John catches a fish

Dave, wearing his floppy hat in the wind catches a nice trout

our setup at Pyramid

Rebecca gazes over the valley known as Shot Rock

We go to grandkids track meet, Kody running the 100

Keith and family, Kody, Kayden, Angelique

Kody after a good first place run

Kyle places a solid 3rd place for his school.

Paul and Kyle

We greet the V & T train coming down the mountain

Its a tourist run from Virginia City to Carson City

One of the most important things we're going to do while here in the Reno-Carson City area is the weekend we spent with three of our kids and their families at Pyramid Lake. This lake is labout 25 miles north of Reno, owned by a Paiute Tribe and is a fabulous cut-throat trout fishery. We gathered at the RV park near a beach. Dave presented all the kids with the fishing rods he made for them, then took them all down to the lake for fishing. In the end, the two oldest boys caught one each of the large trout. After three days, when all the food was eaten, marshmallows were burnt and hugs were given the kids and grandchildren went back to their homes. We, however, stayed for a few more days.

Rebecca and Mary Jane drove up to a womens church retreat near Eugene, Oregon. They filled their "spiritual cups" with three days of wonderful lessons and sharing. While they were in Oregon, Dave and John did a few home improvement projects and went fishing for two days out at Pyramid lake.

For Memorial day, we went to visit long passed relatives including Dave's mother, father, grandmother and grandfather, also Rebecca's late husband, mother and father. We tidied up the graves.

Amongst the other important things we always do in this area is visit our doctors. The health report is good for both of us, however Dave needs to have two basal cell areas on his forehead excised. So, we'll be returning in late June for that to happen. See our itinerary on our facing page for the altered schedule.

We always look forward to spending quality time with our children and grandchildren. With their busy lives that doesn't happen as often as we'd like. But when we get together it's always special for us. Grandsons Kody and Kayden spent an overnight with us. We took them to the famous Nevada State Museum in Carson City. The museum is built at the old famous Carson City Mint. Later in the day, they met the old Virginia and Truckee (V&T) steam train coming down the mountain and waved to the engineer and all the tourists.

Before we departed the area, our Dodge needed a turbo speed sensor replaced. Glad that happened while we were in town, not on the road.

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