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A little bit tired from getting back to the hotel at 4 am and swimming until 6 but the day went like this :

10am. Meeting time and departure towards Cabo San Vicente, Sagres "The End of the World" without luggage (just what you need for the day).

11:30am. Cabo San Vicente. Free time to take pictures and explore.

12:30am./1pm. Dona Ana Beach. Free time to enjoy the beach

6pm. Departure towards Ponta do Piedade (Lagos). Free time for pictures and explore.

7pm. Arrival to the city of Lagos. Free time to explore the city, buy souvenirs, food, etc.

9pm. Departure towards Albufeira. Hotel. Rest and free time.

12:30am: Meet in lobby for night tour. It is not obligatory to go out at night.

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