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My morning started off a bit rough today. I was feeling queasy (probably from what I ate last night) but I decided to drink some liquid nutrition so there would be some food in my stomach when I took my pain medicine. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay down. After drinking some apple juice I felt a little better.

Linda Seelke picked me up a few minutes before 9:00 to take me to church. She had dropped Larry off at the church because he was going to sing in the choir and needed to be there early. She brought me a chicken salad, salad veggies and crackers. She also took my bag of newspapers and another bag of other recyclable items to put in their recycle bin. I wish Pecan Grove had a recycle bin.

On the way to church she stopped at Target to get me a Coke. That usually helps to settle my stomach. At church she found some crackers for me. That also helped me to feel better.

This evening Trish Jones brought me a meal for tomorrow. Then she took time to walk with me around in the park. It was still warm but not unbearable.

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