Summer 2014 & Beyond travel blog

We endured more road construction and traffic tie-ups as we tried to navigate through western Tennessee. We stopped for fuel in Jackson and that took much longer than it should have. Several Go-Frac trucks were fueling in front of us and none of them ever heard of pulling forward once fueling was complete. Since we were there and it was lunch time, we decided to have breakfast food at Denny's for lunch.

We endured more road construction after that and finally got to our destination for the night near Hurricane Mills. This is Loretta Lynn country. I called ahead to Foxy's favorite campground in all of Tennessee for tomorrow night, only to find they are fully booked..not sure what's up with that. We'll do a couple of nights somewhere else and then head on to Gaffney for some down time before our appointment at Freightliner on the 24th.

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