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Nice bridge but we aren't going that way

We began our ride at Confluence Park

Under the tracks

The performing arts center

The trail through downtown

Wednesday we loaded our bikes on to the light rail and headed to Union Station downtown. Once there, we got our bearings and started up the Cherry Creek Trail from Confluence Park. The trail runs 11 miles to Cherry Creek State Park. Along the way we passed the Performing Arts Center. This is quite an impressive building. The other buildings beside the trail were modern looking, recently built structures as well. The trail only leaves the creek in one spot and that is where Cherry Creek runs through the old and ancient Denver Country Club grounds. Here we are forced to ride along a street that parallels the golf course. Across this street lies a very old and stately neighborhood called Park Place, I think. It reminded us of old Pasadena, but the vegetation was greener and thicker. The homes were impressive.

Denver seems to have made use of naturally running creeks to control storm runoff. Cherry Creek is a great example of this. For 12 miles the creek has a natural sand and boulder streambed lined by Fremont cottonwood trees and other lush vegetation. Ditches draining into the creek all have similar appearances. That sure beats the heck out of the concrete boxes they use other places to move their runoff. For a couple miles the trail runs on both sides of the creek. One side is for pedestrians only and the other side is for all things on wheels, self-propelled, that is.

The weather for our outing could not have been more perfect. The blue sky and white billowing clouds beat some of the more threatening skies we have been experiencing as of late. We turned around at the six mile mark, leaving the other five miles to the park for another day. We spent the next hour looking for a legendary hotdog joint, but failed. We did find a Subway at Writer Square that filled our culinary needs.

The train was waiting for us at the station when we got back - great timing by us. Denver rocks!

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