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Glen Turret Distillery

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Grouse - Distillery Logo

Woke up this morning with my breakfast in front of me. I must have slept more soundly than I thought - I never heard it arrive. Got to the terminal building about half an hour late, breezed through immigration and waited for our baggage, and waited....and waited.... More than half an hour later the first luggage appeared on the belt. But not mine. More came, and still more, but still not mine. A full hour later when only about half a dozen of us were left, my case appeared, complete with its "PRIORITY" label intact. I guess the delay in Calgary was to give them time to bury my case! Nan (my Sister) and Iain (my nephew) were waiting for me and had reached the decision to latch on to the next man with glasses and just assume he must be me.

We got to Nan's and talked while I half listened through a sleepy haze till 9pm when I felt it was time to go to bed with half a chance of sleeping the night.

Christine, her Dad, Rob and Fiona went to Glenturret Distillery beyond Crieff - about 20 miles west of Perth. This is the oldest distillery in Scotland and uses the Grouse as its logo. The large replica of the bird dominates the pedestrian area around the distillery.

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