Unusual truck in town..:-)


A picture of the sheep from the last visit...:)


Last one, a cool robin with a worm in his mouth..-)

Happy Birthday to our son and grandson, Jerry and Jared. Yes, they were both born on the same day of May. They also share the same name. How cool is that?

This update covers are trip to Meeker. You may remember our first update from Craig when we got stopped in Meeker by a huge herd of sheep being moved to new pastures. This is the same town we were in but we were in the RV pulling the car. It is a cool ranching town.

We were here mainly to check out the campgrounds, we were told by a friend their campground was full of wildlife, they saw a lot of deer etc. It is a very cool town and we enjoyed our visit much. I am pasting information below for anyone wanting to know more. Check back later for more adventures from Colorado.

The town is named for Nathan Meeker, the United States Indian Agent who was killed along with 11 other U.S. citizens by White River Ute Indians in the 1879 Meeker Massacre. The site of the massacre, the former White River Indian Agency, is located along State Highway 64 in the White River valley east of town and is marked by a prominent sign. None of the buildings remain.

After the massacre and the ensuing conflict known as the Ute War, in 1880 the US Congress passed legislation requiring the Ute population to relocate to reservations in Utah. The United States Army established a garrison on the current site of the town, called the Camp at White River. The town was founded in 1883 following the removal of the troops. The White River Museum is located just north of the Rio Blanco County Courthouse and housed in several original wooden structures of the Army garrison.

The town emerged as a regional center for hunting by the turn of the 20th century. Theodore Roosevelt once visited the town on a mountain lion hunting trip and stayed in the historic Hotel Meeker opposite the courthouse. The town is also a favorite summer destination and permanent residence for many prominent Americans, including billionaire Henry Kravis, former President and COO of Goldman Sachs Jon Winkelried, and comedian Daniel Tosh.

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