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Early morning rise for another sunrise, but this time on the water!! We left at 5am and walked to the beach where we got on outrigger boats to go see the dolphins. The sky was just starting to show pockets of light and 20 minutes later the sun started to rise. One of the most stunning sunrises I have seen and so beautiful on the water! The colors were so intense and absolutely breathtaking. I was sitting in the very front of the boat and had an incredible view directly facing the sun. We started in an area where we saw some dolphins but later moved to a more popular one. Unfortunately, there were a lot of boats on the water that morning so the dolphins were making fast appearances. It was a little sad to see the process: as soon as a dolphin would come to the surface, all the boats would make mad dashes over to them and basically scare them away. It was so amazing to see them that close though. As we were leaving, the most incredible thing happened. There were only two boats heading back and all of a sudden a school of dolphins came out of no where! There must have been about 15 of them and they were traveling the same speed as us. It was AMAZING! They were right beneath us and I could see them perfectly in the water. What a special experience between the beautiful sunrise and being so close to such fascinating creatures! We packed up and headed out for Bedugul. Along the way, we had a jammed packed itinerary. First stop was the local Seririt Market. What a lively place! Tucked in a building off the main street, this market is full of hustle and bustle amongst the locals. Fruit, vegetables, produce, live chickens, seafood, home products, and clothing are just some of the items for sale. It was a photographers heaven! From the brightly colored fruit to the smiling faces of the shopkeepers, I could have stayed all day documenting everything that I came across. Next stop was a short 20 minute walk to a beautiful waterfall. We had lunch at a restaurant there and then continued on to a viewpoint to take photos of the valley. It was there where I had a quick opportunity to meet some new friends. :) First up was a giant iguana. Next was batman. Honestly the largest bat I have ever seen! He latched onto me and didn't want to let go! And finally, a 66 pound python that made himself very comfortable around my neck. That was a little terrifying and extremely heavy.. It's strange but when I travel, it seems like every feeling of fear, doubt, and hesitation disappears! I always try to do things that I normally would not do and challenge myself. This happened to be one of those situations. I didn't even think about it and I'm glad I can check that off the bucket list! Next, was a visit to the picturesque 17th century Hindu- Buddhist temple on the lake. Pura Ulan Danau Bratan is dedicated to Dewi Danau - the Goddess of the lake and fertility. It is one of Bali's nine directional temples and protects Bali from evil spirits. Lastly, we stopped at Bali Botanical Gardens where we had an hour to walk around and take pictures. We finally arrived in Bedugul around 5pm. The beautiful, cool and misty Bedugul region is home to a series of volcanic formed lakes and mountain ranges covered in lush vegetation. Rice fields are replaced by fields of cabbages,carrots, chilies and more. The cold weather was a really welcoming change from the 90 degree humidity.

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