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This Statue Commemorated a Peace Run in which a torch passed through...


Everybody in Fegueira was going fishin'

Woke up early. Caught up on the passages I'm reading from the Bible. I am reading through Joshua...Judges in a couple of days. Am reading through the OT this year. Really wish I could say something profound about the reading, but right now, it is actually about dividing up the land. Sure if I worked at it I could come up with some way that connects to the survey of Portugal we are doing, but...I got nothin'.

I was bad in need of exercise, so I took my bands and my jump rope down to the boardwalk along the Atlantic Coast. The sky was beautiful. The weather was crisp. And the Portuguese who were up were pretty committed to staring at an American trying and failing to do exercise that comes pretty naturally to a 10 year old girl. So much for my jump rope skills.

I strolled around a bit after my workout. Seemed like everyone was going fishing. The sun was breaking over the city and hitting the coast and the water in dramatic fashion. The clouds were slowly breaking up, sending spears of light to earth. The morning was worth getting up for.

We managed breakfast before it closed at noon. Ha. Then, we loaded in the van and started our trek to the Algarve, the Southernmost part of Portugal. Another day of mostly driving. I think my Dad likes this kind of vacation best. I drive and he sits and watches the landscape roll by.

We stopped for lunch in the beach town of Sines. Then, continued to Lagos. Lagos is along the Southern coast of Portugal. It is a beautiful place, full of old and new, ruins of castles and city walls alongside new hotels and restaurants. Unfortunately, we couldn't find a single hotel that would work for my Dad's limited mobility. We gotten pretty fond of the French Budget Hotel chain called the Ibis Hotels. There is one Ibis in the Algarve. It is in Faro, about an hour from Lagos. We had checked about 8 or 9 hotels when Dad said, Let's just drive to Faro and stay at the Ibis. So, we did.

Hm. Strange day when the biggest bit of news is finding a hotel. Still, sleep is good.

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