We are in Hot Sulphur Springs for the Hot Sulphur Days Festival...

People lining up for the parade...


It was really hot, I was wishing I had my umbrella too..:-)

The parade begins...

Kids catching the candy being tossed..



This truck keep shooting water into the crowds...:-)





The horses were all painted and decorated...

The kids were serious about catching the candy...:-)

A cool cowboy..


We had wonderful BBQ after the parade..

Jerry had the ribs, I had the hot dog...



They had free horseback rides for the kids too...






Last one!

We spent the day in Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado. They were having their annual Hot Sulphur Springs Day, this was actually their 50th one. They had special events for several days, we went on Saturday to watch the parade.

We met a really nice couple that lives in the area, they had their son dressed up like a cowboy, he really enjoyed catching the candy they throw out during the parade. It was a small parade but a fun one.

This traditional community-wide celebration includes a homemade outlaw salsa contest, pie baking contest, bingo, a pancake breakfast, baseball, kids games, a car show, the Texas Charlie Shootout, parade, BBQ, kids carnival, concert historic walking tour, fireworks and more!

After the parade we had some wonderful BBQ. We also enjoyed watching all the kids races and the horse back riding. We bought a couple of tickets for the duck race too, we didn’t hear back so we must not have won. ;-) They had fireworks and much more after we left.

We seem to be blessed to be in the right place at the right time for these local events. It was another great day in Colorado, check back later for more.

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