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Today we got a later start because everybody was pretty exhausted. We began in Times Square and had a bite to eat before we started our day. On this trip we decided to be adventurous and try different places and not any of the major chains that we have in our area. We ended up at a really great place and tried a slice of rigatoni with meat sauce pizza. Katrina said it best when she said, “you can’t go wrong with carbs on carbs.” LOL!

We walked into the Aladdin box office because so many people have talked about it that we wanted to see how much the tickets were. They were $193 each and they informed us that they are pretty much all sold out. I asked them about the TKTS box office and they stated they never use their services. The TKTS office is where shows that have not sold out sell their tickets for the same day at a discounted rate. What I did not realize is that there are many theatres with many different shows going on each and every day.

I decided to head up that way while Mom and Kat went to several stores to see if I could score some Mama Mia tickets. When I was in line I heard a guy trying to sell Aladdin tickets – just a random person on the street. When it was my turn there were no tickets left to any of the shows that we would want to watch. I asked the agent about the guy selling the Aladdin tickets and he firmly suggested that I NOT buy them.

As I was walking away, a guy (with his wife and kids) that was in line behind me tapped my shoulder and said that he bought Aladdin tickets from that same guy yesterday and that the show was amazing.

I decided to walk over there and talk to him. He wanted $150 for each ticket and the show was going to start in 5 minutes. I told him I would pay $100 for all three and he laughed and said NO! So I pulled my City-Girl attitude and rolled my eyes and walked away. I was half-way across the street when he called me back and said ok. I knew it would have to be an amount that I would be willing to part with since this was such a HUGE risk!

I ran all 7 blocks to Kat and Mom (and they are long-ass blocks) and we sped over two more blocks together to the box-office. I was holding my damn breath when I handed them our tickets expecting them to laugh in our faces!

I was soooo damn shocked when they ushered us in!! We were 10-15 minutes late but it was soooo worth it. The show was un-freaking-believable and did I mention we got first row, orchestra seats!?!?! Wooo Hoooo! How lucky are we to have been able to see TWO Broadway Shows AND pay $100 for all three tickets that would have cost $600?!?! We felt so lucky that Mom played the New York Lotto after the show!!

We then headed over to the Empire State Building. While it took forever to get up there because of the long lines, it was worth it and the views were amazing! After this we ended up going to several stores including the Toys-R-Us which is the biggest one in the world. So big in fact that it is three stories and has a Ferris wheel in it! Needless to say, I was ready to leave after poking my head in, but no such luck!

After browsing, we headed over to the Top-of-The-Rock in Rockefeller Center. The views here are also amazing BUT extremely frightening for all of us. The big difference between the Empire State Building and this building is that there are walls of complete glass from the floor up to about six-feet which gives the illusion of being able to fall right off. We took our pictures and were pretty happy to step back….hee hee!

Things I need to mention… First, I cannot believe how much horn-honking there is in this City. It is so bad that there are signs posting fines for honking the horns (but obviously nobody listens)! I feel so much safer walking because everybody drives so freaking crazy out here! In fact a taxi got stuck in between an intersection (grid-locked) and the ass LITERALLY bumped my legs (and other walkers) with the bumper of his car…. I swear I thought about throwing my ass on the floor and starting to scream in pain – maybe get this trip paid for…hahahaha!

The second thing is the fact that there are RARELY (if ever) seat covers in any bathrooms – which stood true for D.C. as well. This is so damn weird and gross to me. I mean even some of the nicest places we have gone do not have any. East Coast women must have some mad squatting abilities!

Off for now as it is 1:40am…. Can I really be half-way done with this vacation?!?! Time is flying! xoxo

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