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Continuing with the bad vibe from La Isla last week, I had to force myself to continue traveling around to the last two towns on the island I wanted to visit in the beginning. At this point, I am low on motivation and a bit cross with the weather. It keeps raining the mosquito air force is now in full swing. All I do is itch and scratch. For these two cities, I got an official tour type deal which includes a ride from Havana, walking tour of Cienfuegos, ride to Trinidad for the night and solo walking tour then a stop at a beach. Real boring if you ask me but whatever. It had to be done and I was too lazy to dig through books and tailor these two cities to fit my interests. All that said and done, I ended up just eating really good food and sleeping a lot and that made me happy.

This wraps up my tour of the Island. I have no more money and no more places that I want to visit. If I had money however, I would have returned to Playa Girón for a couple days but too late now. II have to find stuff to occupy my time with until me departure date. I finish up with all my school assignments this coming week then from then onward, I imagine to explore the depths of boredom induced by lack of motivation to continue exploring Havana. I seen all I wanted to see. Se acabo .

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