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I bought a plane ticket to La Isla a month ago and hoped to do some diving on the south side. It wasn’t really what I expected. It rained a lot and the costs were almost triple what I expected. This trip was really a failure on my part for not having a plan B in case of rain. I won’t recommend La Isla to any tourists unless they roll in with bank, stay at the only hotel on the entire Island and intend to dive. This place doesn’t see much of the tourism boom so services are a below standard but it makes it a cheap place to go if you decide not to stay in the hotel and have no problems eating cheap (limited options for expensive meals). The capital of the province, Nueva Gerona is home to some museums, a ton of horses and a decommissioned prison that once housed Cuba’s most notorious including Fidel and his associates. Other than this, there is literally nothing to do here.

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