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We checked out bright and early from our hotel and took a cab over to Amtrak. The train ride over was about 3.5 hours away and very smooth. The only problem was the amount of luggage we had and having to lift them over our heads to get them in the overhead compartments. Thank God for some decent men and the fact that chivalry still exists!!

In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made up - there's nothing you can't do.......!!! Hahaha! We are obviously now in New York!! So we got to the hotel we are staying in - The Park Central Hotel - and it is super swanky and trendy. The location is amazing as it appears to sit close to many of the larger attractions. We have already walked half way through Central Park, which is quite a bit since it is sooooo large. We then headed over to Times Square and since it was so late / dark it was as fabulous as we see it on tv! The amount of people that were out so late and having a blast was astounding. I guess it's why they call it, "the city that never sleeps."

In Times Square there was a M&M shop (the 2nd largest one in the world - 2nd to Vegas). Katrina was in heaven. She had a blast in this shop. They have every color M&M and flavor under the sun. Flavors I had never heard of and colors I have never seen! Ruben, Angelique, John, and Raghda can thank me later for not having their kids receive 100 M&M statues / toys / memorabilia - Mom wanted to buy her Grandkids the entire store!!!

We then saw a Hershey store which Kat also fell in love with! The smell in there was soooo chocolately I actually got sick to my stomach!

As we were walking down Broadway, I remembered what Angelique had said... "Make sure you have some New York Pizza for me." That's when I noticed that even as late as it was, people were walking around with all kinds of food and mostly pizza. Soooo, Kat and I got a piece and shared it. It was very, very good BUT I still say WEST SIDE BITCHES!!! hahahahah!

Cannot wait to do and see more tomorrow. We also have our big Broadway show tomorrow - which in fact is getting rave reviews!! I have to thank Stella for telling me about how great Rodgers Hammerstein's productions are!! I was initially very hesitant booking Cinderella but am super glad I did now (and hope I feel the same way after we see it). By the way, I will be taking Katrina to Phantom of the Opera when they come to San Francisco next year for whoever wants to join (just a heads-up)!

Miss you all...xoxox

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