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We are all so glad that we ended up going on a night tour because the monuments / memorials we did see during the day are only magnified at night! The tour started at 6:30 and we did not get back until 11:20 - it is like non-stop running in order to see all the beauty and wonders of this District.

We picked up some people for the tour from the Washington Hilton (where Reagan was shot). The people we picked up did not even know this about their hotel... I guess they do not advertise this fact much!

We drove down several streets of just embassy's and the buildings reflected their respective countries in architecture and design. There were several that were no longer opened / allowed - Iran, Cuba, South Korea, and just recently closed was Syria. I guess once we get pissed off we ask them to piss off....hahaha!

We were taken on a quick drive-by of the National Cathedral. We were not allowed in so were very happy to have taken the time to go there on our own. It is just a monumental sight. Nelson Mandella's last American Memorial was there, Martin Luther King spoke there, all of the President's services are there, etc.

We saw Georgetwon University, Alexander Grahm Bell's house, Washington's house, and Kennedy's house. We were lucky enough then when we got to Iwo Jima memorial, they were having a service and it brought tears to all of our eyes! The monument was INCREDIBLE! It imbues the on-looker with such a sense of Patriotic pride when looking at it!!

We then saw Arlington Cemetary and the Eternal Flame. Only two presidents are buried here - Taft and Kennedy. Also, the Eternal Flame is always lit in rememberance of Kennedy. I have to say, living in San Bruno and seeing our magnificent Vetern's Cemetary it was a very similar feeling.

We also saw the Pentagon, Air Force Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Veteran War Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Memorial! They were all tremendous to look at as they are lovely memories of all of our great American's contributions and sacrifices!

While we enjoyed them all tremendously we were most touched by Iwo Jima and Lincoln Memorial! There is so much that could be said about them all, but I don't want to bore you! One of the last memorials we have to see is the Jefferson Memorial which we are going to tomorrow!

I have to say while this trip has been non-stop running it is a definite must-see for all Americans! USA, USA, USA!!!!!


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