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The river and the hills

The River again and hills

Our RV park

Easy day, should be just 4 hours driving. Got up a little later and took a mile walk before starting the day. I will lose weight on this trip, if it kills me. Noticed that the weather had changed, today was overcast and cool. Had a good breakfast and then closed up the RV. The RV park we stayed in was right next door to a Truck Stop and I noticed they had a truck scale. I had been looking for a truck scale for some time so that I can weigh the motorhome, which then enables me to figure out the correct tire pressure in my tires. Done. So we hit the road at 10:30 AM this morning heading north through Oregon, and even when driving on the flat lands with farms and fields all around, everything was green. A very lush green.

The only thing that wasn't green was Portland, that was just big city, oh and a lot of bridges. Everywhere you looked was a river and bridges over it. In fact, on our return trip we will stop in Portland and stay on a very large island in the Columbia River near a bridge. So more on Portland later.

Our destination for today was a town called Kelso, which was about 50 miles north of Portland. We will be staying here for two nights. After getting set up and having a nice Linner, we hopped into the car to see what Kelso and the larger city next to it, Longview, looked like. Our RV park is on the fringe of Kelso and is surrounded by green hills and a small river. The town of Kelso itself and Longview, nope. They are basically industrial towns with a small port on the Columbia River. Not much to see, so we headed back to home (photo).

We decided to take a walk, and the best place for that was on top of the dyke along the river (photos). A very good path with wonderful views of the river, homes on the river with large green yards and a beautiful park and baseball field. We finished with almost a 3 mile walk that felt just great doing. I am ending the day sitting here in the motorhome at the table writing this blog and looking out the window at the setting sun.

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