Massive snow capped mountains..

It was a wowser drive..

A cool restaurant we will have to check out near Grandby, Colorado..

Arriving in Grand Lake..

Last one!

We left Craig early this morning and drove about 150 miles to Grand Lake, Colorado. We had to drive over two passes, Rabbit Ears and Muddy Pass. We just took them slow and easy and everything went fine. We also stopped at a tire place on the way and had the air in our RV tires checked. This is something we can easily forget to do. Jerry was talking to a friend we met in Craig that works for Continental Tires, he told Jerry to bring the RV in and he would check them, he didn’t even charge us anything for crawling under the RV and filling them to the right amount. Some were low so I am glad we stopped and had them done.

The drive to Grand Lake was awesome with snow capped mountains and some snow still on the passes. We also noticed a lot of rivers are flowing over the banks especially in the Steamboat Springs area. This part of Colorado is still under a flood alert. The campground we are staying in is not close to any water, thank goodness. We will be here for a few weeks, Vickie and Sammy will be joining us and we will all be exploring Rocky Mountain National Park together. We can’t wait to let the fun begin. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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