2005 Grants Pass or Bust! travel blog

Northern California

Northern California -- 107 miles to Reno

Nevada - Sometimes the hills look black; just cloud shadow


Day 17

Monday, Aug 22

Left Grant's Pass about 7:00. The first thing I did was go through the Mountains to Klamath Falls on which trip the elevation brought the temperature down further than I anticipated. Once I got on 139 South and then 395 South it began to warm up and by the time I got around Reno it was a comfortable 93.

The Northern California landscape is more brown and barren than I would have thought (see pictures). The Nevada landscape reminded me of Montana only taller hills and more rugged terrain. I'm sure the photos don't due this state any more justice than the other states I've been through. The roads are a lot straighter and once I got through Klamath Falls. Even Ray would have liked 395: smooth two lane highway and no (18 cars in 50 miles) traffic.

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