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Today has been super exciting! We got up and headed out to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. We have been super conscious to walk everywhere so that we can try to burn off the calories that we know we will be happily consuming every night...hahaha!

We got there and talk about complete lock down...WOW!! We saw how our money was made and it is really astonishing how much they make. I mean, DAMN, who the hell gets that all?!? LOL! I sat there mainly day-dreaming of how I could rob the damn place or AT LEAST rob it on the way to the Federal Reserve. That's when I perked up and heard that every other damn person was talking about what I was day-dreaming about. I guess most of us think the same darn way! In fact, there was a sign posted by the workers that said, "Just think how I feel. I printed my lifetime salary in a few minutes." CRAZY!!! This is the place that they also print all the stocks / bonds and postage stamps.

We then headed over to the National Monument - BUT we had to walk in about a half-hour of pouring rain! It was the type of raining that I remember took place in Hawaii (very hot and humid).

We rode up 500+ feet in the air to the top of the Monument and the view was astonishing. From the North we could see National Cathedral, Dwight Eisenhower Executive Office Building, The Ellipse, The White House, Department of Treasury, Department of Commerce, and the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. From the East we could see the National Museums, Supreme Court, US Capital, Library of Congress, Department of Agrigulture, and the Smithsonian Castle (and all its many museums). From the South we could see Jefferson Memorial, the Airport, Potomac River and Park, and Bureau of Engraving and Printing. From the West we could see Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Arlington National Cemetary, Korean War Veteran's Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, Constitution Gardens, and John F. Kennedy Center.

After this we headed over to the White House - and YEP, it was still raining! The White House was shockingly much smaller than I had anticipated. I guess it makes sense since it is basically the President's home and is home-office but I just imagined a huge building! Nontheless, it was great seeing it. The amount of security was frightening! There were special forces, police, police dogs, snipers on top of building, etc. It made me want to try and do something to see how fast they would react. BUT then I remembered that I am older than dirt and cannot really run that fast - I would have been a great target....LOL!!

We then went to eat and ended up going to Old Ebbitt's Grill. It is a famous restaurant in DC and actually the fourth most busy restaurant in the Country! It, and Filomena (where we ate last night), are some of the top restaraunts in the area! The food was very good and we all loved what we ordered! As with Filomena, many of the Presidents have dined in this restaurant!

We then went shopping a bit before heading back to the Hotel. We are now getting ready for our night tour where we will get to see all of the monuments at night. We were told that they are pretty spectacular all lit up! The tour ends at 11:00 so I hope to blog about that when we get back. If not, I will update you guys tomorrow.

Love and miss you guys tremendously!!!! xoxo

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