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Well, we got up at 6:30am (after only getting 3 hours of sleep). Yes, THREE HOURS! Kat was so excited that she could not sleep and kept talking and giggling. I finally gave in and decided if I could not sleep then my Mom should not be able to either! So we did the natural thing and started jumping on Mom's bed to keep her awake...LOL!!

After getting ready I held up the group by trying to find a cup of coffee. The lines were outrageous everywhere we tried to stop (and there is a damn Starbucks on each and every corner)! I wonder if anybody in DC brews their own coffee?!?!

We started our trek to the Capitol thinking that we could handle the walk. After about 1.5 hours we decided to jump on a bus! The Capitol was amazing and the tour was very informational. Lot of info to take in.

We then decided to head over to the Library of Congress and were lucky enough to get in early. This building rivals the many beautiful buildings of Europe - I mean they spared NO EXPENSE! Embarrassingly enough I could not stop thinking of the movie National Treasure, and YES, they did show us those rooms / areas.

After these tours we ended up waling through the Botanical Gardens and skimmed through the Smithsonian. There are at least 5 branches / museums belonging to the Smithsonian and a person would need WEEKS to get through them all. We decided to not waste our limited time.

We then headed over to the National Cathedral which is the 6th largest Cathedral in the world and the 2nd largest in our Country! Of all the amazing churches / cathedrals I saw in Europe, I have never seen one so young. They started in 1900 and completed it in 1983. You would never know looking at the structure as it was spectacular!

After all of this sight-seeing we decided to go have dinner. We had been told by a ton of people that we MUST go to Filomena's - so we did! Katrina and I thought the food was amazing and my mom thought it was just ok. I was so very glad to go to this iconic place! It was also great getting out this way (to the Cathedral and dinner) because we got to spend some time in the lovely Georgetown - gorgeous City!

We are now in the hotel and we are all beyond exhausted! Tomorrow we are going to the Printing and Engraving and taking a night tour to all of the monuments, etc. I will be sure to fill you in after our next set of adventures.... xoxo

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