The Marcia Car..



We wished we could go inside..


The only picture I could find showing inside, it is tiny..:-)

Last one!

We visited the Marcia Car in downtown Craig today. We wanted to take the tour and see the inside, but it was closed.

The Marcia Car is a private railroad car commissioned in 1906 by David Moffat, a prominent Denver, CO banker who played an important role in America's railroad development. Moffat named the car "Marcia" after his daughter and used it primarily for inspection tours of the Moffat Railroad line and to entertain prospective investors for the project.

This car, owned by the Craig Chamber of Commerce, is in pristine condition and is a fantastic example of luxury accommodations. The Craig Chamber of Commerce purchased the Marcia Car in 1953 for $1. The 103-year-old car was originally owned by David Moffat, whom Moffat County was named after.

It was cool to see on the outside, but a bummer not to be able to take the tour. I took a lot of pictures of the outside and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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