Shearwin's in Europe 2014 travel blog

The Astronomical clock in the Strasbourg Cathedral

Bishop's hall of Palais Rohan

Kaye & Jan in the Rohan Library.

A bronze and silver vase in the Rohan Collection

Detailed craftmanship on the silver of the Rohan vase

Water jet Parc De L'Orangerie

Palais De l' Europe front entry.

The European Parliament building from the tram

Our first task this morning was to re-visit the Cathedral Strasbourg early enough to avoid the expected crowds. We had previously been unable to examine the Transept and spent some time examining the Mount of Olives sculpture ( circa 14th century), the baptismal font and the single surviving Romanesque column. The south side of the transept contains the well known astronomical clock and has a single highly decorated column mirroring the Romanesque column in the north transept. The clock and it's many measurements were well beyond our understanding, however, interesting to see.

After a quick snack, we visited the Palais Rohan. A 17th century palace built for prince bishop Rohan ( a son of Louis 14th and church leader) and later used by three generations of Rohan's over the next century - all were recognised as Cardinals. Napoleon 1 also occupied the Palais for two years after the revolution.

The design of the Palais has been greatly influenced by Versaille with the King's chamber a replica. Bombed during the war it is slowly being re-stored and will probably not be completed for quite a few years yet.

Our next task was to take the tram to the Parc de l'Orangerie in the NEast to view the gardens. On the way, the tram passed by the impressive modern circular glass building of the European Parliament. We walked the garden, observing a recital of Scottish bagpipes, the ubiquitous Cigogne storks feeding their new hatchlings in nests perched on anything high and many locals just enjoying the sun on a Satuday off; all very pleasant!

An inviting restaurant overlooking the lake and well attended was enough for us to decide on lunch as our main for the day. Kaye and Jan had a salad dressed with kidney's ; thankfully it was an entree and nor " grand " size as they both struggled to complete. My goat's cheese salad was simple and nice. It was a pleasant leisurely lunch in the sun. After lunch we completed our walk of the Parc and returned to the tram via the European Quarter, noting the Palais de l'Europe built in 1975.

Saturday weddings appeared to be the order of the day and several were "banked up" outside of the registry office as we returned to our hotel for the now too common afternoon rest.

Late afternoon the cacophony of noise from the Place De La Cathedral was broken by the sounds of bagpipes heralding the Festival Euroceltics. It appears that Pipes & Drum bands with Scottish ancestors, from Paris, Heidleberg, Basel and nearby had gathered for a festive weekend. The reception to the bands by the locals was excellent.

Towards late evening, having completed evening drinks, we wandered our local area in search of dinner. We elected to eat at a traditional Bavarian restaurant where I supported the local sentiment by having a choice of meats and sauerkraut. The girls settled for salads once again. Another enjoyable evening that concluded at 2230 hrs and had us in bed by 2300hrs in preparation of our drive to Ravensburg, Germany tomorrow.

Weather was comfortable all day with clear skies and sunshine.

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