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Gazebo South Park Lawrence, KS

Rabbit-Apple Sausage and Tempura Sweet Potatoes

Kansas Silos

May 30, 2014

We drove into town and parked near South Park where there is a lovely gazebo (built in 1910) used for city band performances. Watkins National Bank (now a museum), built in 1883, was interesting. Walked up and down Massachusetts Avenue, the main part of Lawrence. The University of Kansas, the largest employer, had its beginnings soon after KS became a state in 1861 when provisions for a university were in the constitution. The school opened in 1865 with 55 students. (including the medical center there are about 28,000 students today.)

Based on my “Googling” we didn’t find any great places to eat so we picked Merchants Pub and Plate(not listed anywhere but formerly Tellers) that seemed to have quite a few people. Menu was very interesting and there was a wide selection of microbrews. Bob started with rabbit-apple sausage along with tempura sweet potatoes, drunken cherries and rosemary aioli. He then had the smoked local pork chop with blackberry jalapeno jam, Yukon-zucchini hash and roasted broccoli. Not sure what wines he had! I had a special baked risotto cake with tarragon based sauce. A little too rich for me but tasty. I had Boulder Beer Mojo Nitro IPA which had a very soft, creamy finish provided by the nitro (a 75/25 mix of CO2 and nitrogen instead of just CO2). I then had Odell Mercenary Double IPA. Both were from CO.

Today was a drive across KS with nothing too interesting to report other than major silos. The weather was sunny and not windy! Listened to our last Daniel Silva book. Had lunch at Applebees as the choices for dinner don’t look good in Burlington, CO, a small town just across the CO border. Arrived at the Best Western about 2:00 (we gained another hour). No jacuzzi tonight but the same price! Bob is tired of the long drives so he is napping at the pool. I am catching up on some computer projects.

Tomorrow we have a short (175 mile) drive to Denver where we will spend the weekend with Josh. Looking forward to that!

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