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The day dawns a little cooler than it's been for a while, clouds slowly dancing across the sky. My decision to climb the town walls the evening before seems serendipitous.

Kotor's old town isn't hugely different from those of Budva and Split, although not as dramatic as Split. It's a nice enough place to spend a bit of time though, and I prefer it to Budva. I stop by the cathedral: larger and more impressive than the churches I visited in Budva.

Now that I'm in Kotor I'm struggling to understand why so many people flock to Budva rather than here. It can hardly be the distance since they're only a 40 minute bus ride apart. Given the choice I'd happily return to Kotor, but would resent having to spend more time in Budva.

I end up walking along the marina, looking at the yachts and pleasure boats; their size, and the wealth on display, ramping up to mindboggling proportions. The largest seems easily as big as some of the boats carrying passengers between Croatia's many islands.

Briefly, I consider joining the crew of a yacht like these, and seeing the world that way. The idea lasts only momentarily before I conclude that someone who gets seasick is probably not the ideal candidate for a life at sea. I'll have to come up with another plan.

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