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Prince Bishop's Residence



Pipe Organ

Medieval Blue House

Old City hall

Oldest Building in Town

View to the Suburbs

Leaning Tower

Located at the confluence of the Main and Tauber Rivers, just a short distance from the meeting of the Main and the Rhine, Wertheim is a very picturesque town of 25000. Known for its glassworks, wine and castle ruins.

Wertheim Castle was built in the 12th century, expanded in the 15th and 17th centuries and destroyed in the Thirty Years War in 1634. It still remains the town's landmark, overlooking the narrow streets filled with half-timbered houses and the Gothic architecture of the church and Abbey. Wertheim, like Pisa has a leaning tower, Wertheim's doe to 800 years of flooding that plagues the area. Many of the Old Town structures show high water marks and their years.

Because of the 2 rivers, commerce has always been good here and the tradition of glassmaking continues today with industrial fiberglass and scientific glass industries, but art glass works continues as well with numerous artists and craftsman throughout the area.

We spent the morning strolling the streets of the medieval town, again with great pedestrian walkways, viewing many old and recapped structures as well as new ones tucked in between. Interesting story about 2 men who saved the town in WWII. In one of the pictures you see some modern high rises. As the American Forces were approaching, the German Army abandoned this hilltop airport. Two men went up from the town with food and musical entertainment to welcome the Americans and assure them that the Germans were gone and there was no need for shelling. Upon inspection, the decision was made that no force was needed.

Our afternoon was spent cruising the River to the Rhine where we look forward to tomorrow AM, supposedly the most picturesque area, with castles lining the route.

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