Scenery on the drive to Baggs..

We saw lots of snow capped mountians...

One more..:-)

We are really close to Wyoming in Craig, Co...


Baggs is a tiny town, but a really cool one..:-)

The Snake River runs right through town...

A cool shop in town...:-)

The Bank...


We had a great lunch at the Cowboy Cafe..

Everything is cowboy decor inside...

Even the pulls...:-)



Even the menu, it was a cool place to eat..:-)

Our next stop...

View from the front...


We saw a lot of cool antiques..


It was really cool to see..








Check out that old TV...:-)


Check out the date, it was 1961..








Last one!

We are really loving this area of Colorado. It borders the states of Utah and Wyoming. We took a short trip over to Baggs, Wyoming today, it was only 35 miles. We wanted to see the place where the “Wild Bunch” and Butch Cassidy hung out. At least they are saying him and his gang did, but no one has any real proof. :-) We had a great lunch at the Cowboy Café. It was so cool, everything was cowboy décor, right down to pulls in the ladies restroom.

Baggs, Wyoming was host to many an outlaw riding hard trying to elude justice. Names as notable as Butch Cassidy and his infamous Wild Bunch, “holed-up” around the town of Baggs during the hay-days of the Old West. The Gaddis Mathews House, which still stands in the center of town, was known as a hang-out for Butch and his gang.

Long after his reported death in Bolivia in 1909, local residents insisted that Butch made several visits to Baggs during hunting trips with friends in 1929 and 1930. Of course this is still hotly debated, but it was fun seeing the old home with all the awesome antiques. Some items really brought back some old memories, the first old televisions etc. It was a fun visit. Check back later for more from Wyoming and Colorado.

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