Our 2014 Trip Lhasa Tibet to Kathmandu travel blog

.walking up from the park gate

view behind us of kathmandu.


.house cow at the nunnery

.Tibetan nunnery

.view from nunnery

Sunday 25 May, Kathmandu. Trip to Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park.

We negotiated a good price from yesterday’s taxi driver to get us out to the park. He wasn’t certain where it was and so there was quite a discussion with him , us and about 5 other taxi drivers as to how to get there. This was fascinating to an Asian tourist, a lady probably in her 60s, she was photographing all of this and when we eventually squeezed in the taxi, she got hysterical with laughter and had to take more photos. Can’t imagine what our driver was thinking. A steady up hill through a wide but very traffic busy road to the foothills, and then onto a one car width potholed road to a 4WD track. Amazingly the little Suzuki grunted up and as we stopped at the gate to the park, the radiator was boiling. We were surprised the motor hadn’t blown up. Only a few photos here in the park. We had been warned of Leopard and Pete did see a paw print, but didn’t have the camera with him. Enjoyed the fresh air and good chance to stretch the legs. Had to be back at the hotel for a group meeting ..which didn’t happen. Pete and Nickie finished shopping for drugs/clothes etc and the others explored another old part of the city.

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