London to Sydney 2005 travel blog

Fairy chimneys

Sunset at Goreme

Local car wash

Hotel at Goreme

Robin and rock formations

Fresco in Christian underground settlement

Robin and Charlotte at museum

Hotel at sunset

We had an early start, yesterday, leaving at 05.30 from Istanbul and arrived in Goreme at 3 p.m. On the way we stopped for lunch at a truck drivers cafe but the food was good and we have been well since. Everyone in Turkey is really friendly and of course turning up in an old Aston helps to break the ice.

We walked up to the open air museum of troglodyte monastery and churches built between the 6th century and the 12th. The churches have frescoes painted in them.

Today we have driven around the area marvelling at the strange fantastic rock forms. We went to an underground city carved from the soft volcanic rock by the early Christians to hide from the arabs. Amazingly deep but well ventilated with fresh air.

This evening we drove up narrow lanes to a hill top to see the sunset before having a lovely anatolian dinner in the town of Goreme. The people here are so friendly. Some of our friends have been offered coffee when they stopped to fill up with petrol. We got offered apple tea just for buying postcards.

Punctuation will improve when I have worked out where to find a comma on a Turkish keyboard.

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