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Funny golf cart by a golf store

Our new TV is installed, looks pretty good

The local roadrunner that lives in the RV park

Enjoying a trip around the Coachella Valley

Cabot’s Old Indian Pueblo Museum, Desert Hot Springs

Indian greasewood

I found him, one of the Whispering Giants

Waokiye, carved 1977, 43' Redwood

Lovely sights around the valley

Sunset going down behind San Jacinto Mountains

Sunset shining on the eastern mountains, glowing pink

Someone is out for a cruise in a classic car

On our way back to Garden Grove

Making sure our Honda is following us, yep, there it is.

Robert was so happy to see us

Surgery day - all bound up

In between dressings

Now wearing this very stylish boot, not.

While in Indio we took a drive one day to visit another resort at the other end of the valley in Desert Hot Springs to see if we wanted to stay there some time. It was a little disappointing, so we won’t be staying there. Since we were close by Cabot’s Old Indian Pueblo Museum, I wanted to see the Peter Toth carving displayed there. We had seen one in Valdez, Alaska and knew this one was here in Desert Hot Springs. I finally got my photo of another Whispering Giant.

Here is more information on Peter Toth’s Whispering Giants.

We stayed in Indio until the 10th then returned to Garden Grove Elks. I was approved for surgery, my lungs were clear of congestion. Surgery was Friday Nov 15th, in by 9 a.m. and out by 11:30 a.m. I was given a narcotic prescription for the pain but hated the side effects. I called my brother and asked what he used after his knee surgery, then asked my doctor for a non-narcotic which worked fine. I was walking around on crutches and being wheeled around by Larry in a wheel chair.

Showering was a little tricky, trying to keep my bandaged foot dry. I got the dressing changed in a few days, and sutures removed a couple weeks later. My doctor was pleased with my rapid healing. Now I’m in an orthopedic walking boot and able to get out and about. With my Handicap placard for parking close, and some stores having the electric scooters, I am able to get back to my shopping duties and freedom. But not too much walking, for it wears me out and then I need ice and elevating.

Gidget has been having problems lately, soiling the throw rugs even though we take her out often. I guess she is getting old. She’s not been eating normally and I’m trying to find different kibble for her. She loves chicken and rice, so I’m supplementing with that. She does have a heart problem and is considered “legally blind” with her cataracts, so my baby is aging. I wish I could know what she is thinking when she looks at me so intensly.

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