Larry & Cheryl's 2013 Travels travel blog

Happy Birthday to Cheryl

Celebrating with friends Mary and Suzie who's birthdays are near mine.

More cake with family on Sunday

Enjoying Indio Sunsets again

Always such pretty mountains and sunsets

Love the palm trees

Wish I could read her mind, "Whatcha want honey?"

We celebrated my 65th birthday at the lodge with friends on Friday night. Bruce and Sue were back in town with their new rig, and high school friends Mary & Steve came, as well as grade school friend Suzie, and our Elk friends Susan & Duane. It was a fun filled evening of dinner and laughter. We also celebrated with my family at my sister’s house on Sunday.

I finally saw my foot doctor and he scheduled the surgery to repair my split Achilles tendon. Larry’s allergies were kicking in and I was coughing too, but it turned out mine was Bronchitis and I needed antibiotics. When it got close to my surgery date, my lungs were not clear enough for surgery, so it was postponed a few weeks.

We decided to head out to Indio to stay at Indian Waters Resort until my rescheduled surgical date. I love Indio and the Coachella Valley with its gorgeous sunsets. We needed some work to be done on our new rig by our friend Kevin the Mobile RV genius. We replaced the old analog TV’s with digital televisions with Kevin’s electronics skills.

We enjoyed visiting with our Coeur d’Alene friends, Mike & Connie, who were spending the winter in their Indio Condo, always good times with them. Mike was also helpful, coming up with some similar wood around the bedroom TV and spacers for the main TV. We have such talented friends.

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