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My second day in Split proves to be a very lazy, do-nothing kind of day. Not like me at all, but I was clearly too efficient in my sightseeing yesterday.

I amble around the UNESCO parts of the old town for a few hours, stopping by the fish market along the way, and finishing with pizza and ice cream by the waterfront. I watch the ferries coming and going over in the harbour, and feel the excitement at all the possibilities bubbling up inside of me. Not this time, I remind myself, but some Croatian island hopping definitely appeals for a future trip.

A stroll to the nearest beach where I while away a few more hours sitting under a tree, listening to the water lapping up against the shore and the singsong of conversation from people nearby.

Thunderstorms were forecast for today, but luckily for me they don't strike until nearly 9pm, when I'm safely back in my room. When they do arrive they land with a vengeance - the loudest cracks of thunder I can remember hearing in a very long time. The rain is falling in torrents; I watch out the window and hope it will have run its course by morning.

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