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Today was a long travel day by mini bus! A van is a more accurate description, with 11 people + luggage. Needless to say, we were all very happy when we arrived in Pangandaran. Pangandaran is a small fishing village set amid a beautiful coastal reserve south east of Jakarta. It was the victim of a devastating tsunami in 2006 but has been rebuilt. Our hotel was a backpackers hotel, across the street from the beach. We had little patios outside our rooms which I sat on every morning and night. At 4pm, I joined the optional coastal reserve walk which was like a mini trek through the forest, park, and beach. We went through the reserve- a haven for a wonderful variety of wildlife such as deer, porcupines and naughty monkeys. We went through the forest and our guide, Aep, tracked down various animals. The call him Indonesia's Dr. Doolittle. He found a couple of large lizards (similar to the Komodo dragon) which were amazing to see in the wild. We fed deer and monkeys. We went into a tiny cave where there were many insects and bats. We made our way through the reserve to another large cave. The cave was beautiful and housed a family of porcupines that we fed. The cave led us to the beach where we took photos of sunset. We ended the day with a group dinner at a local seafood restaurant followed by a night swim in the pool.

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