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View from the terrace at Bob and Patti's condo

Patti and me on the way to the beach

Richard and me on the way to the beach

The beach at Redfish with freshwater blending with the surf.

Mike Huckabee's house on the beach

I am sort of loosing track of the day number at this point.

We are still at Topsail. We changed sites but now have two more days here.

It is still beautiful.

We have been hanging out with Patti and her friend, Bob. We visited at their condo in Blue Mountain Beach. It is really gorgeous.

We had a great supper with them by the pool on Sunday night and on Monday night we all went out to Stinky's for dinner. With a name like that, the food has to be good and it was.

Today we are just being lazy and will spend some more time down at the beach and pool.

Tomorrow we will leave here and head for St. Joseph Peninsula SP.

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