Ginny's Adventures 2014 travel blog

learning to fish

trying to catch a big one

searching for macrobiotic organisms

they got stuff in that net

some of the goodies in that net

learning about water quality

sampling the water

fire company gets water for their tanks and leaks a bit of...

recording and analyzing the results of sampling

reflecting on the strengths of the Upper Delaware

my summer home

Today school kids came to learn about the Upper Delaware River and why it's important to preserve its quality for both people and natural life forms. They split up and learned different things at 5 different stations. They learned about the little bugs and things besides fish that live under the river rocks, how to fish, sampled the river water and tested for various levels of pollutants, analyzed the samples to compare with past finds, learned about Zane Grey, and even learned how to listen and reflect on nature's effects on our minds and well-being. I wandered from station to station, learning things myself!

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